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For its customers and travellers, American Airlines offers a very flexible baggage policy. The headquarters of American Airlines are in Fort Worth, Texas, and the airline is a low-cost carrier that provides travellers economical travel packages. American Airlines is regarded for providing excellent value for money to its customers and passengers. Whether you’re travelling one way, two ways, nonstop flights, or in a group, American Airlines customer care is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your questions.

The American Airlines Baggage policy was developed with the purpose of offering a stress-free travel experience for our customers. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have a great day. The fundamental rate policy of American Airlines is as follows:

  • Personal items having a maximum size of 7x15x16 inches, such as a wallet, a backpack, or a computer wallet (that is 17.78cm x 38.1cm x 40.64cm)
  •  A carry bag, such as a clothes bag or a bag pack, for which an application fee is charged. The size can be up to 9x14x22 inches in size ( that is 22.86cm x 35.56cm x 55.88 cm)
  • The maximum size of a checked suitcase or carry-on luggage is 80 inches (203.2 cm) tall, wide, and long. Additional fees will apply to bags weighing more than 40 pounds or 80 kilo grammes.
  • Sporting Goods
  • The baggage policy of American Airlines allows each passenger to bring one free portable item, such as a purse, pocketbook, or bag pack.
American Airlines Baggage Policy

Rules regarding American Airlines Baggage Policy

  • One gratis personal item is provided per American Airlines baggage policy. Any checked or carry-on luggage will be charged a surcharge. Passengers who book their luggage in advance save money. If they booked me, the costs would be far higher.
  • The personal object would be housed beneath the seating area and would be limited in size. If you violate the rule, your personal item could be considered a carry-on and you could be charged for it.
  • A duffel bag or other wheel-less bag that fits in the overhead compartment should be used as carry-on luggage. If the dimensions are not followed, the passenger will be charged.
  • You can check up to four pieces of luggage with you (apart from the carry-on bag and the personal items).
  • Electronic devices that use lithium-ion batteries (such as computers, e-cigarettes, games, cell phones, calculators, batteries, e-watches, and other similar goods) are not allowed in checked bags.
  • In the event of a flight cancellation, a 30-minute or longer delay in the scheduled operation of the aircraft, or a departure of the flight from the airport other than originally planned, American Airlines will notify impacted passengers and the general public within 30 minutes of learning of the cancellation, a 30-minute or longer delay in the scheduled operation of the aircraft, or a departure of the flight from the airport other than originally planned.
  • If the affected passengers are present, notice will be given at the boarding gate, and if a person is contacted by phone, notice will be given at the American Airlines Reservations Center. Telephone, email, letter, airport announcement, on-board announcement, or written advise distributed at the airport may all be used to convey notice, depending on which technique is most appropriate for the situation.
  • Even if you purchase or receive an upgrade that includes free checked bags, all bag costs are non-refundable and apply per person, at each check-in location, each way. If you believe you were charged wrongly for bag fees, you have 45 days to contact an American representative for assistance or make a refund claim.


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